Positively Positive Thoughts On Thoughts


Inspiration: Silver Linings Playbook

First off, this was an amazing movie—from the cast down to the detail. The movie cast was absolutely amazing: Bradley Brooks and Jennifer Lawrence were flawless. The two are a perfectly damaged, but fated match.  “Pat’s” family was also remarkably casted. Many personality disorders are hereditary and the father is portrayed to have slight OCD that would put his sons at higher risk to have a disorder, such as Pat’s bipolar disorder.

Although I predicted the ending very early during the movie, it was still a wonderful film. I think that movies with happy, positive endings are much more worth watching than movies with sad endings—such as Titanic. Although it might be extremely cliché for the protagonists to get their “happily ever after,” watching it still warms the heart. I might be an extremely easily pleased movie critic, but I think even if you predict, “Oh, they will end up with each other,” it is always nice to see it actually happen. To see it play out the way you would want real life to. I left this movie thinking, “I’m so happy for them. I’m glad they’re together.” Movies like this make you wish you knew someone with their story. 

We must realize real life would rarely play out the way we would like for it to—the happily ever after movie perfect ending. You don’t always win in the end. You don’t always get the guy or girl. But, as the movie title says, one must look for the Silver Linings. A positive attitude and outlook on life is an outcome of our own effort yielding inner happiness and, in Pat’s case, closure. Your thoughts shape your being. When you make the effort to eliminate negative, deteriorating thoughts, the clouds disappear and the sun is warmer, the grass is greener, and the silver lining is easier to see. 


8 thoughts on “Positively Positive Thoughts On Thoughts”

  1. Your thoughts on the movie are very similar to the thoughts that I had as well. I saw the movie last week, and when I left the theater the first thing I said was, “my heart is just so happy.” It is true that these happy endings may be cliche and may not happen in real life, but in my life I still seek silver linings in everything I experience. Sometimes the world is a dark and scary place, sometimes we feel alone and isolated and happy endings so often provie an escape for us where we can drown our sorrows and realize that happy endings do exist. Happy endings, in and of themselves, are silver linings. They are the positive thing that keep us going. The thoughts that we may achieve our goal, find the perfect relationship, or become successful are what drive us to keep going. These silver linings are necessary to develop hope because when we look for the silver linings we are more likely to forget how hard and dark the world can be.

  2. I also enjoyed the movie – it presented a very uncommon mix of drama and comedy that was effective in showing both sides of life’s emotional spectrum. Attitude really is everything. And, as so many stories like this one have shown, no matter your stage of life or situation, you can always “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” and gain a new perspective.

    Its dialogue was very real and raw throughout, which I’m sure “hit home” for some audience members. Yet, while it provided a harsh view into what life can be like for those with mental disorders, it also treated the material with a certain dignity. The happy ending would have seemed trite for most movies made today, but, because the truths of the protagonist were revealed so passionately and so brutally throughout the story, the outcome seemed a fitting relief for him.

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