Preconceived Notions

While casually looking for an apartment online, I come across a link to this website. Turns out, there was a shooting last fall at the apartment complex I was googling. I instantly thought, “Next, heck no.” I began to ration it may have been a random unfortunate event; just because it happened once doesn’t mean it will again.

I reminded myself there are shootings and tragic events happening all around Oklahoma regardless of the area. There was actually a homicide-suicide down the street from my old house in Edmond. My mom, my stepdad, my sister and I lived in a small quiet friendly neighborhood in the heart of Edmond. There were constantly children playing outside, elderly couples walking their dogs and people running up and down the streets of the neighborhood. It was a couple years ago when a dad and son had a disagreement concerning the son’s recent jail time. That was the first and last major neighborhood disturbance, other than petty things like grass not being trimmed according to code, etc.

Then I got to thinking how one incident, despite the circumstances, can tarnish a reputation, or give one. One fact can instantaneously change someone’s opinion about the topic, when in reality, one must know the background to truly know the incident. The incident or fact, such as the shooting, gave the apartment complex an appositive such as, “Adam’s Crossing Apartments, the place where that shooting happened.” The area around downtown isn’t known to be the safest, I can agree with that. These are just some random thoughts about reputations. So take care of your reputation, especially the one on the internet! You don’t want to end up like Adam’s Crossing Apartments (article below) whose reputation is tarnished forever on the internet!

Residents shocked after OKC shooting


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