Bow Wiki Wah-Wah

My title is an attempted playoff from the popular Axe commercial below. Just for funzies!

My experience with creating and editing a Wiki has been quite the rollercoaster. My partner, the author of Patterns to Follow, and I originally chose photo-sharing platforms such as Pintrest, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. We were then confronted with the fact that all our examples fell under the topic Social Media and Networking. Social Media and Networking is quite a massive topic to cover in one Wiki, which was a little overwhelming to think about at first. We broke down the Wiki into different sections such as: Social Media Sites that link to other Wikis about each one specifically, Photo Sharing, and Impact on Digital Culture.

Being in charge of the Wiki other people would post their research and  inputs on was somewhat stressful seeing as each alteration other groups made changes the format and look of our Wiki. It was important to keep the same structure throughout the entire Wiki, which proved difficult. Another difficult thing to manage was the process of saving. My partner fixed our edits and alterations at least twice before Wikispaces successfully saved our changes.

Knowing my hard work is subject to change makes me feel vulnerable. It makes me strive harder for perfection because the less edits on our page, in my mind, the better we did. In other cases, editing can be positive and shape a simple thought or statement to be better, more informed and/or deeper. Personally, I hate seeing anything I have written covered in red ink, or in this case red text. I suppose I will have to become accustomed to it eventually.


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