Blogfolio Numero Uno

This year has been quite the experience! Honors Composition II: Writing in Many Media has given me a wide range of digital experiences! Before this class, I had never even thought of reading a blog. Now, I have a blog of my own; a living, changing entity where I can express my thoughts, concerns, ideas, and beliefs. Having written over 4,000 words this semester, my blog posts have been very connected with my personality and the way I think. I believe that I have grown up in the past school year. As my freshman year of college is coming to an end, I think the best way to finish is to award superlatives.

Favorite Comment: On Twirling Thoughts Is it consuming my life?

Most Inspirational Post: with a tender heart‘s post To This Day Project 

Two Strongest Posts: Intergenerational Computer Center and A Vacation from Technology

Strongest Analytical Writing: Looping Thoughts

Best Usage of Visual Image to Enrich Writing: Positively Positive Thoughts On Thoughts

Best Usage of a Hyperlink: A Vacation from Technology

Most Intellectually Stretching Post: Learning How to Listen


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