Primed and Coated

In lack of exhaustion, I began thinking about the principles America was founded upon. One was the right to religious freedom. Then, I began thinking how, in order to be married (not sure how factual this is, just some late nigh thoughts), two individuals must be recognized by the Church. Now, remember, marriage does come with benefits. Government provided benefits, such as tax breaks. So, essentially the Church must recognize a couple as married in order for the government to provide the couple benefits. That isn’t a very good portrayal of separation of Church and state.

We are a country primed with freedom and coated with layers of legalities. Legalities should be just that. Legal, of or pertaining to the laws that are consistent with constitutional rights. Not something based on a specific religion. I am a supporter of equal marriage rights and I am a Christian. Raised Baptist at that. I do not speak of my religious beliefs with family members and have no idea what their opinions are, but I believe if two individuals desire to be married, then who’s to stop them? Yes, couples are happy without marriage, but we are depriving them of the benefits the equally happy, successful couples are given. Is this fair? Then again, does it even matter? Does it actually hinder them from recieving any benefits? Food for thought.

If I am mistaken in any of my claims, please comment and let me know, because these are just my thoughts concerning the topic and what I know, as of now, to be true. I would love to be corrected though!


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