XPerience Points: Ding, Ding, Ding!

My first year of college has been full of new digital platforms. I have significantly broadened my technological horizon.

The first new-to-me platform is of course D2L and BlueLink, the Oklahoma City University related websites. It was hard to master maneuvering the sites at first, but once you’ve messed around with them, they’re not that hard to navigate. Some other social media platforms, I just immersed myself in are Pinterest and Instagram. They were not as hard to grasp. Some document sharing websites that are new to me are Dropbox, Google Drive (Google Docs), and Mac’s AirDrop. These platforms blow my mind. I first used Dropbox in my sorority, Alpha Phi, then again in my Liberal Arts Seminar: Campus Legends Class in order to share photographs. I used Google Docs too many times to count this year and have become rather familiar with this site. I have been a part of Facebook for the past five years, but this semester, I created a group for the first time ever! It was incredibly easy and made it easier to keep in touch with desired people. For a different class, Liberal Arts Seminar – Campus Legends, we used a HistoryPin to show our “hidden campus.” We used HistoryPin to reveal hidden secrets of OCU. One last thing would be this WordPress blog. Before my Composition II class, I have never thought of looking at a blog, much less establishing my own.

This year has been quite the technological journey!


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