Unusually Under-committed

Oddly enough, I find myself missing the learning environment from Oklahoma City University: the 2-3 classes a week with rigorous assignments, tests, papers, deadlines, group projects and generally the over committed academic lifestyle. Here, I have found that meeting once a week for class is nice, don’t get me wrong, yet a little too spread out for my taste. I much rather prefer the consistency of the stressful due dates and tests. I am almost too relaxed in this environment. Many of my tutors (not professors, as I have recently learned that the title professor is a very hard title to achieve so not many of the lecturers here are professors) say, “Oh, it is only the third week of modules (classes).” To me that means we should be approaching our first test and have already written some sort of paper and many assignments. I still know nothing about due dates of term papers that have not yet been assigned and it is a little bit unsettling. I keep thinking that the semester will kick in eventually and the longer the wait is the more anxious I get!



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