Stretching Thoughts

Keeping a blog and a daily journal has proved to be a bit more challenging than I had anticipated. I am trying my very hardest to prevent this from becoming a hassle. I want to look forward to sitting down and writing in my journal, but it is becoming easier and easier to fall days and weeks behind. It seems like an injustice to the actual experience having to back-track my thoughts.

I think I have to come to the realization that each experience, each day, simply cannot be fully preserved in the pages of my journal or through the lens of my camera. Although, I can try my darndest to capture every beautiful scene and every profound thought that I’d like to keep for later, perhaps I should focus on documenting the most influential, significant, and memorable events. I think from this point forward, I’m going to record glimpses of certain important experiences rather than attempt to keep a play-by-play of each day. The play-by-play’s seems to boil down to entries structured like, “We did this… then we did this… then this happened” rather than getting to go into detail about something interesting or thought-provoking.

So. Here goes nothing:

Yesterday was Halloween and it was the first I suppose ‘holiday’ spent away from family and friends back home. After going out and dressing up the night before, we decided that watching movies and having cider sounded like the most fun and relaxing option. With that plan in mind, after spending much of afternoon in the library, I began to look for a place to watch our movies. Because we are study abroad/international students, we are stuck in the very back halls. When I say back halls, I mean probably the worst accommodations on campus for many reasons. The one common room we have in each of the three halls is usually, and most definitely was on Halloween night, being used to prepare for the night out unfortunately. Out of options, we decided to watch our movie in my bedroom on my laptop. Trying to comfortably fit seven grown humans in a room meant for one all looking at a tiny screen sounds very difficult. But, surprisingly, as we drank warm cider and watched Hocus Pocus, it felt very homey. There is something about close quarters that makes an experience feel comfortable and cozy. Instead of being spread out across the common room, we were all cuddled up on the bed and on the floor just talking and laughing. It’s so nice to have friends who can also appreciate a good relaxing movie night. I think Hocus Pocus with friends last night was just what the doctor ordered!



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